SOSmax – Socket Output Server

The SOS max is the brand-new release of the POWERFLASHER Socket Output Server - a fast and helpful programmer tool with graphical user interface to display log messages for debugging purpose.

As the name suggests, the SOS max is a socket server displaying and logging the communication flow from any client (usually Flash, PHP or Java) to a specified socket. So, with SOS max the debugging of great Flash movies or ActionScript projects for example can now be enhanced by viewing real-time log messages of live systems outside of the IDE.

POWERFLASHER SOS max is awesome fast and extremely resource-saving. Lots of messages can be displayed in seconds without affecting the host systems performance. Furthermore, SOS max provides customized message highlighting based an simple XML commands and also message folding for a clearer and more structured view.

Written in pure Java (JRE5 required), SOS max is completely platform independent. By that, it works fine on Windows systems as well as on Mac.

Just like all POWERFLASHER products, SOS max is made from coders for coders. Benefit from our long-time experiences and boost up your coding efficiency with SOS max.